Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Happy Holidays to you all. I hope you have a safe and merry season with those dear to you. God bless you all!

Another year gone by already! I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I spent last Christmas home alone in Vegas, because I had just started my job and didn't have the time off to spend it with family. This year I'm looking forward to a week off and spending every minute with my precious family in Colorado - freezing! Christmas just isn't Christmas without Mom's home-cooking and the kids around to make it feel special. Unfortunately, the gifts will be sparse from my end this year, but hopefully the quality time will make up for it. I did do a photo shoot for fun for pictures to give to family. Not so creative, but hey, I try. Chrissy, my sister-in-law (Trevor's wife) is coming up the week before Christmas to spend some "away" time with me and do some shopping. It will be nice to have some girl time. And, it will make the long drive to Colorado much more pleasant to have someone to talk to.