Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Rant

Just a quick update while I have a moment. I spent my weekend moving. I had to find a cheaper place, to make a long story short. And I'm just glad it's all over with!

Mom had partial knee surgery about 10 days ago and is healing from that. Aside from adverse reactions to every pain medication she was given, she is healing quickly and returns to the doctor tomorrow for a check up.

Trevor & Chrissy had a scare and Chrissy ended up being flown out on the Flight for Life helicopter and the baby almost came 2 months early. She's on bed-rest now, and the baby and her are both doing well. Hopefully she'll hold out until at least mid-October to deliver, being as she isn't due until just before Thanksgiving.

Nicole found a job in Grand Junction and will be settling down there. She also just bought her a new Dodge Pickup and is beyond thrilled with that!

Everyone else appears to be doing well. Travis is facing some troubles, but seems to be dealing with them well. He as well as Mom & Chrissy could really use your prayers.

Me, well, I'm just working, trying to make ends meet, and taking care of me. Nothing new or truly exciting!