Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starting Over

Made it to San Diego (well Chula Vista) last Wednesday and am loving the California weather. Adjusting to a roommate and small quarters is taking some time, however I'm very grateful he saw the potential in me and wanted to help me out in this journey to better my life. I'm still looking for work, but I didn't expect that to happen right away. I actually have been void of the internet and just got it today, so that's put the job hunt in the forefront. I'm sure I'll have a job soon enough, even if it's just getting my foot in the door in a great company with lots of potential. You can't beat California weather!! I am so glad I don't have to deal with snow!! So, I'm just busy networking and trying to get my bearings. Learning my way around will take a little time, but I'm trying. Thanks for all of the love and prayers.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cali or bust!

Well, Vegas was a bust! My car broke down the day I was to leave and spent the day at the shop getting it fixed. I did make it to Vegas, however the car wouldn't start the next day, so I made it to NO interviews and spent 10 days stranded in Vegas trying to get Checker Auto Parts to honor their warranty. After failing at that, I just had my mechanic in Vegas put in an all new part. I made it back to Utah about 10 days after I was supposed to be back. Thank God my cousin in Henderson loved me enough to let me crash with her and to feed me! And my car still isn't wanting to start, so that's a frustration in itself!

Anyway, I believe the trip to Vegas was an omen that I'm NOT supposed to move back there, so it's no longer an option. After weeks of sending out resumes here in Utah and in Colorado, with little to no response, I've decided to take a friend of mine up on his offer to stay at his place in San Diego, California. Moving to another state again, in less than a year, is a bit scary, but nonetheless, I've always wanted to live in California and am looking forward to the opportunities it can bring. I've had no quality of life in Utah and with the cold setting in, it's just reassurance that this move will be better for me. I'll have to put everything I own in storage, until my life settles and I get a place of my own, but I'm still looking forward to the Cali weather and the quality of life San Diego will offer.

I haven't exactly told any of my family that I am planning to move to California, as I know my mother will not be happy that I'm moving further away, but I have to do this for me. And, they will know soon enough!

Thank God for friends who give a damn!