Monday, November 24, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a Girl!

Trevor & Chrissy welcomed their newest addition into the world, my niece, on Monday, November 10th. Her name is Brooklynn Emma Nielsen.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I got tagged by my cousin Lori, so here goes......

Tagged Lucky 7's and Crazy 8's

7 Things I Can Do...





5- Work

6- Sleep

7- Cry

7 Things I Cannot Do...

1- Make ends meet

2- Find "Mr Right"

3- Register my car

4- Afford a vacation

5- See my family enough

6- Turn back time

7- Sleep in

7 Things That [would] Attract me to a man (to those I'm tagging, change this to your spouse, boyfriend or what you look for in a guy)

1- Honesty

2- Integrity

3- Good teeth

4- Tall, dark & handsome

5- Understanding

6- Faithful

7- Loves unconditionally

7 Things I say Most Often...

1- “May I help you"

2- “Hi”

3- “I don't know”

4- “I love you”

5- “Nothing”

6- "Grandview Marketing"

7 - "Have a good day"

7 Favorite Foods...

1- Ice Cream

2- Chocolate

3- Strawberry Shortcake

4- Cheese

5- Almonds

6- Potatoes

7- Onions

8 TV Shows I Like To Watch...

1- Grey's Anatomy

2- Survivor

3- Desperate Housewives

4– Brothers & Sisters

5– Prison Break

6– Dancing with the Stars

7- Big Brother

8- Jon & Kate plus 8

8 Things That Happened Yesterday...

1-I had a log ride home from Colorado

2-I spent the evening with a good friend

3-I ate

4-I slept

5-I talked to my cousins

6-I talked to most of my family

7- I brushed my teeth

8- I cried

8 Favorite Places To Eat...

1-Cheesecake Factory

2-Claim Jumper


4-Taco Bell (heck it's cheap)

5-Macaroni Grill



8- Outback

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To...

1- The arrival of my new niece tonight or tomorrow

2- Thanksgiving with my family

3- Being able to afford to register my car

4- Being able to afford food

5- Being able to afford gas for my car

6- Being able to pay my bills

7- Falling in love

8- Getting off work!

8 Things On My Wish List...

1- to fall in love

2- to be financially stable

3- to find true happiness

4- to be able to take a vacation

5- to be skinny(ier)

6- to see a better economy

7- to get my home organized

8- to sell all my unwanted items (I'm tired of them taking up space I don't have!)

8 People I Tag...








Another Baby on the Way!

Amidst the sadness this weekend in going to Colorado for my uncle's funeral, we got good news! Kurt & Stefanie are expecting a new little bundle sometime next June!