Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hell Froze Over!

Yes, Hell must have frozen over because I'm moving back to cold Colorado! As much as I love Southern California and want to stay, it appears best I move to be closer to family. My sister's roommate moved out and has an empty room at her place in Grand Junction. Mom is going in for surgery on her shoulder this week and will be out of commission for about 2 weeks. In addition, Mom & Dad got scammed and their home is in foreclosure, so I feel like I need to be there. So, I'm going to Meeker for a few weeks to help Mom out and enjoy the holidays with my family, them moving to Grand Junction to look for work. Not sure I'm ready for small town, country life, but I'm excited to be close to family and like the idea of living with my baby sister and spending some quality time with her. I will be nice to actually have a room as I've been sleeping on the floor in my friend's living room in Cali for 2 months now. A little privacy will be so welcomed. I will definitely miss Cali weather as you just can't beat how beautiful it is here, even when it's cold and rainy! But I'm sure I'll survive, as I did live in Colorado for 18 years, right?! Funny the unexpected things life hands us. Never thought this would be my life in a million years! But I'm grateful for my health, my family, and my future. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated on my parent's behalf. God bless you one and all!